Lemonade Stand Helps a Boy Raise $24K for Friend’s Surgery

Seven year old Brayden Grozdanich, from Maple Ridge, was born with Cerebral Palsy which affects his right arm and leg. He wears a brace on his leg to walk and has been going through painful physiotherapy to help treat it. However, it’s not enough and he needed surgery which would cost $20,000 and would be done in New Jersey. The Grozdanich family explained that the surgery in New Jersey could allow for Brayden to walk without his braces whereas the surgery done in Canada could potentially leave Brayden in a wheelchair.

Brayden’s friend Quinn Callander learned about this news and wanted to help. Quinn set up a lemonade stand on Sunday to raise money for Brayden’s surgery. With Quinn’s parents helping to spread the word on social media, they were able to reach the whole community as well as donations from their crowd funding campaign. The boys raised over $24K which would allow Brayden to undergo surgery in August.



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