Find your tribe: New support group for parents and caregivers of individuals with physical disabilities


By Sheila Sidambaram, CPABC member

Are you a parent/caregiver of a physically challenged child? Do you need tips to advocate for your child? Need to share with someone facing similar challenges? Need to trade equipment? Need some support? Want to find your tribe?

I am a parent of a delightful seven-year old with severe physical challenges. I know many have travelled this road before me, made profound discoveries and are making breakthroughs daily that can help me in my journey. We have different backgrounds, cultures and stories. I wish to connect and collaborate with others like me, to find my tribe.

I am looking to start a support group that would predominantly have an online platform (either a website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram etc.), but that would meet occasionally for get-togethers. To narrow the focus, the support group is for parents or caregivers of children with physical challenges, severe or mild, and concentrated in the greater Vancouver area.

The purpose of the support group is to help those affected realize that they are not alone. The group would provide a platform for parents/caregivers to share experiences, challenges, discoveries, and stories; and to provide insight and emotional support that is unique to our world. Occasionally we will arrange social gatherings, swap meets for equipment, focused workshops on topics of interest, group activities for children, and much more. It is hoped that this group will help play a positive role in the health and lives of the wonderful children with physical challenges and their families.

If you are interested in being a part of the formation of this group; please email me at by March 15, 2016. If you know someone who could benefit from this support group, please direct them to email their interest as well. There is no financial or time commitment, but it could be the starting point of a collaboration that could benefit you and your family. I encourage you to take some action and be a part of this new group.

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