Dance Without Limits gets a warm review from La Source

Dancing without Limits AnickAnick DubĂ© from La Source, a media outlet based in Vancouver, wrote about her enlightening experience at the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC’s Dance Without Limits program. To her, Dance Without Limits means more than getting a good stretch – it means going back to our roots, getting to know each other and our own self-expression. She sees this program as an opportunity for people with disabilities to be creative and develop important social skills.

Anick got the chance to interview Laura Kwun, Adapted Dance Instructor at Dance Without Limits in Richmond. As an occupational therapist, Laura naturally understands how to create a comfortable and inclusive environment for her dancers. She describes dance as something to feel good about, and that has far less to do with doing the moves perfectly.

Dancing without Limits

Several students showing how they Dance Without Limits

Dancing is a social activity, it can help people understand how to interact with others in a fun way. If you think about the positive impact that a creative activity could have on your own life, imagine the impact it can have on the life of a person living with a disability. – Laura Kwun

Those of us at the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC couldn’t agree more with Laura’s sentiments. Dance Without Limits is an opportunity for all participants to be social, engaged and expressive. It is one of many programs offered by CPABC to support people living with disabilities to reach their goals and potential, and live a Life Without Limits.


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