The Gift of Play – Making Connections through Sport

don lehn-eventbriteOn March 2nd, a seasoned communications professional will be a center of attention at our Life Without Limits Gala as an emcee. Our theme this year is Play Without Limits and we’ve been blessed with having people who truly personify this statement, to join us. Don Lehn has fit this bill for 38 years.

Don has an extensive resume working in media, from radio to film to reporting, he’s done it all. Not to mention a long history covering sports.

He has even covered events such as the 1988 and 2010 Winter Olympics, reported on the NHL, CHL, CFL and AAA Baseball. Don highly values sports and it goes without saying that it is ingrained within the concept of play.

Given Don’s background, we had to ask him “What does Playing Without Limits mean to you and why did it make you want to get involved with CPABC?”

“The Cerebral Palsy Association of BC and sports seem to go hand in hand.

In my 38 years of Broadcasting and Media, one thing I noticed about athletes, Amateur or Professional, is that the ones who excelled the most, the ones who were respected the most (notice I don’t say admired) — these are the ones who gladly give back to the community. So many of them reach out to those who deal with challenges — from Cancer to cerebral palsy, many Canadian athletes will become involved in work, helping kids enjoy sports in whatever capacity.

The reason? It’s a win-win situation.

Watching the glow of a child’s face when their favorite athlete plays a game with them, takes shots, helps them learn to swim, etc. That is the best thing on Earth.

It’s more than ‘just good PR’. It’s watching people give back to the community. The smiles are worth it.”

For someone who prides themselves in their wit and humor, this was a characteristically heartfelt and genuine response. Thanks for joining us, Don! We appreciate your support!


This story was shared as a part of the Life Without Limits Gala

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