Navigator for Youth Transitioning to Adult Services

Growing up is a hard thing to do, but by no means a bad thing. It’s time to start planning and taking autonomy for what your future will hold. The transition out of high school can be a difficult and stressful time for many. In particular, youth with CP and/or disabilities have a difficult time as they are not eligible for many previous programs and support services upon graduation. The CPABC’s Navigator program aids youth aged 14-25 transition through this period of time and provides ongoing support.
Whether you’re just starting your transition planning, or revising one that is not quite working out, we want to help make this transition less frightening. We invite you to connect with us to get information and benefit from our referral resources. This service is available for you, your parents and members of your transition support teams.
To access this service or gain more information, call the CPABC office at 604-408-9484, or email

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