Youth Support Group

On March 31,the Youth Without Limits Support Group met to discuss the topic of Reducing Stress and Depression through Community Engagement while Building Resiliency. People with disabilities often face feelings of stress and depression which can often be a result of social isolation. Guest speaker Marco Pasqua, who is an Ambassador presenter for the Rick Hansen Foundation, as well as an inspirational speaker, came and spoke quite candidly about how he conquers stress and depression which is mainly through being active in many different sports.
Through sports such as basketball, swimming and biking, Marco puts his struggles with his disabilities aside and focuses on something he enjoys doing. Through being involved in sports, he builds self esteem and confidence and makes a place within his own community.
Marco also spoke to the participants about the importance of being a self advocate and having a voice. He stressed that it is ok to fight against injustices and get the things that you need to live a better life.

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