Youth Without Limits: Self-Esteem and the High School Experience

This Friday, come join the Youth Without Limits Support Group in discussing Self-Esteem and the High School Experience. As a fellow high school student but also a professional educator, 17-year-old Ethan Kenney will be our guest speaker in this next session!


  • When: Friday, June 23rd 2017 in the early evening
  • Where: John Braithwaite Community Centre (145 W 1st St, North Vancouver)
  • Schedule:
    3:45PM – 4:00PM Snacks and Refreshments, Mingling
    4:00PM – 6:00PM Session Topic: Self-Esteem and the High School Experience

This is a free and inclusive program, tailored for youth and young adults aged 13-29 (but people of all ages are encouraged to attend). We welcome drop-ins, so stop by and enjoy the complimentary snacks and refreshments provided!

If you have any questions, or would like to register for the program, please contact:
Life Without Limits Community Connector (Carrie Torans)
Phone: Main Office- (604) 408-9484 / Toll Free: 1-800-663-0004

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please contact Carrie Torans at a week before the event if a sign language interpreter is needed.

The Youth Without Limits Support Group is a new and unique program at CPABC, facilitated by disabled youth specifically for their peers with disabilities. We understand that acceptance and understanding are key aspects to providing adequate knowledge and support from one disabled person to another.

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