How I spent my summer vacation

This year, seven-year-old Landon is heading back to school full of memories of new friends, adventures, environments and achievements after a summer get-away to Camp Shawnigan.

Landon’s Mom tells us that he loves to be around his peers, and to be outdoors, “rain or shine”. With encouragement and peer modeling, there isn’t much Landon won’t try – even Camp Shawnigan’s notorious Big Swing!


For some kids, like Landon, even special needs camps are not able to meet their complex needs. This is where the CPABC’s Summer Camp Subsidy comes in – to help with funding for a personal support attendant who is familiar with Landon’s non-verbal communication strategies, who can help him where he needs assistance with Activities of Daily Living, and, importantly, who knows the protocols to follow should Landon experience a break through seizure. Without extra supports, the cost of personal attendants alone can be prohibitive for families trying to provide their kids with the rites of passage summer camping provides.

Summer Camp was lots of fun for Landon, and gave him the opportunity to start to develop confidence and independence spending time away from his parents. Oh – and bring back pictures of the Big Swing to show for that back-to school assignment!



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