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Our Programs & Services

At Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia (CPABC) we offer various programs and services to support your child’s development. Our vision is to allow those living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to live a Life Without Limits.

Adapted Recreation

Our adapted recreation programs are fully funded (free) and are designed to suit your abilities. Whether you or your child has cerebral palsy or another disability we provide a safe space for them to learn and socialize.

Our recreation programs include:
Adapted YogaDance Without Limits • Movement Therapy • Guided Meditation

Support & Referrals

Growing up, we’ve all had awkward experiences – whether they’re about interactions with other people or insecurities about our bodies. It’s the same for those living with cerebral palsy. What’s more important is that we have people to share our similar experiences. We offer peer support and referrals guided by lived experience.

Our support programs include:
CP Connections with Marco Pasqua  • Peer Support Connections • Caregiver Connections • Seniors Advisory Panel

Financial Assistance

We understand there may be added costs to raising a child with cerebral palsy. That’s why we offer financial assistance for things like camp, assistive equipment and education.

Our financial assistance programs include:
Campership (summer camp subsidy) • Equipment Subsidy  (equipment subsidy) • Janna Epp (open bursary) • Education Bursary (education bursary)

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