Our Impact

Realizing people's dreams, not disabilities.

Many families and individuals who come to us have stories of struggles, but those aren’t the only ones we hear. We also hear about how much their kids enjoyed summer camp, how they’ve been accepted to university, but most importantly – how much our programs and services at CPABC have helped them!

Impact Stories

Who did we impact?

In 2018, we helped 10 individuals  purchase equipment that bettered their lives with our financial assistance.

Our campership funds enabled 21 families to send their children to summer camp.

We supported 10 students with their college endeavours through our Tanabe bursaries, worth $9,500.

Cerebral Palsy in British Columbia

It is estimated that one out of every 500 babies, and up to one in three premature babies are affected by cerebral palsy to some extent. There are thousands of individuals with cerebral palsy in British Columbia that need our support. 

That’s why one of our goals at Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia is to improve our visibility and presence around the province, so that more participants can take advantage of our life-changing programs. Below are some of our ongoing efforts to achieve this.

Special Events

Amount raised from these two events (combined)
$ 0 K
“Cerebral palsy effects my everyday life but I don’t plan to limit my goals and dreams anytime soon, thanks to the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC. I am participating in this year’s 5k because I believe in conquering a Life Without Limits for myself as well as others. I’m excited about the run and am thrilled to be supporting a cause so close to my heart”
Mohini, impact story
Mohini Takhar
2018 Scotiabank Charity Challenge 5k participant
and member of the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC

Want to make an impact too?​

You can help us make Life Without Limits for those living with cerebral palsy possible.