Pre-Employment Program

The goal of the CPABC’s Pre-Employment Program is to offer hard and soft skill development in both workshop and practical settings.

The program is free of charge to participants and requires a 3-4 month commitment period.

We welcome any of our members or members of the public to our workshops (subject to capacity, pre-registration necessary)

For individuals with physical disabilities looking for a little bit more, we encourage individuals to take advantage of the intensive program. This would involve attendance at all Pre Employment and Legal workshops listed below plus:

  • a minimum of 30 volunteer hours completed at either the CPABC or another organization in line with the individuals interests and career goals
  • Check ins with a career counselor to provide individualized advice and guidance during the job search and skill development process

In class Pre Employment workshops: 

Friday October 13th 2-5pm

Friday November 3rd 2-5pm

Friday December 1st 2-5pm

New component this year!  Legal Workshops-Mental Health in the Workplace: Rights and Responsibilities of Youth with Disabilities

The workshops will be given by Lou Poskitt from Miller Titerle Law Corporation and Kemily Ho from Tevlin Gleadle Curtis Employment Law Strategies. Topics will include:

  • Human Rights basics and the “duty to accommodate” in the workplace
  • Employee and employer responsibilities around mental health in the workplace
  • Requests for medical information including mental health status
  • Considering mental health as an employer, for those enrolled in the Community Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) program

In class Legal workshops:

Friday October 20th 4-6pm

Friday November 17th 4-6pm

Friday January 19th 4-6pm

Friday February 9th 4-6pm

All workshops will be held at 451-490 Granville Street






















For more information, contact the program coordinator at 

Now accepting applications for October 2017 program!

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“The best part of the pre-employment program was that I finally felt like someone understood my needs and that there were other individuals going through the same challenges that I was facing. Having cerebral palsy I have learnt to overcome many challenges in my life but finding employment is still the greatest challenge that I face. The CPABC has provided me with great support as well as a sounding board with other individuals who have the same barriers that I do. The pre-employment program is a great, supportive program that has allowed me to come out of my shell, find a support network and to finally be proud to say that my cerebral palsy is just a small part of me and that employment for more achievable for me.”

– Program participant