Believe in Ability: Anton is our January volunteer of the month

volunteer feature-Anton photoSeeing is believing and for Youth Without Limits support group and Adapted Yoga volunteer, Anton Nikitenko. Being involved with the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC has made him realize that people living with cerebral palsy are just like everyone else. Before he started volunteering for the association, he admitted to being ignorant of the capabilities that people with cerebral palsy have and feels that his time with CPABC has become a perspective-changing experience. With us, Anton has a better understanding that the physical challenges that people with cerebral palsy face do not undermine their abilities or potential to live thoroughly independent and fulfilling lives.

His Role with CPABC

The Handsworth Secondary student is one of our youngest volunteers at CPABC and has offered his time to the Youth Support Group every three weeks, where he provides assistance with seating and record-keeping for members. In addition, he volunteers at the Adapted Yoga program where he assists participants with moves and positions which may be difficult to perform, and helps create a comfortable social environment for the class. The Adapted Yoga program and Youth Without Limits support group are just two of the numerous Life Without Limits programs that the Association offers for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

A Helping Hand

Anton was looking to find ways to dedicate his time to a worthwhile cause and also have an opportunity to work on his English in a social setting. He believes that it is important to give back and help people living with disabilities to reach their potential — to live an independent and active life through programs tailored to their needs.

“The Adapted Yoga program creates opportunities for that those living with cerebral palsy to express themselves. This is a major reason why I believe this kind of program is essential, as it provides a method of expression which allows people to grow and develop…”

Anton Nikitenko

Informing the Misinformed

Anton feels that our Youth Group and Disability Awareness presentations are places to bring about change in the disabled and broader communities through discussions on a variety of different topics and issues. Dissemination is critical because Anton believes that society can have a misinformed idea of what life is like for someone living with cerebral palsy and what their desires are. A lack of knowledge can undoubtedly create stigma against people with disabilities. CPABC has made it a mission to prevent this from happening through education and advocacy.

Anton feels that his volunteer work has been an eye-opener and that the new ideas and issues brought up at the programs he’s been at help to raise awareness within the cerebral palsy community. He really enjoys working with people who live with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to develop a Life a Without Limits. Without a doubt, CPABC is extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication that volunteers like Anton put into our programs and services!

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